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Modernization Look and Feel

Need A Custom Exhaust System?

We’ll create an exhaust system that fits your vehicle and sound preference. We stock 2-4 inch pipe sizes and most major aftermarket muffler manufacturers. We can also finish off your vehicles look with a set of custom exhaust tips of your choice. For added performance, we can even build an x-pipe or h-pipe into your exhaust system.

Any Performance Exhaust System

  •     X-Pipe
  •     H-Pipe
  •     True Dual Exhaust Systems
  •     Open-Pipe Cutouts
  •     Turn Downs

Cat-Back Exhaust Installation

We can install your system for leak-free performance for years. We also specialize in diesel cat-back exhaust systems from high end manufacturers like Flowpro and Magnaflow.

Discount Mufflers – Las Vegas

How to Choose the Right Muffler

As one of the most important aspects of your vehicles exhaust system, your muffler is required to reduce the sounds that are emitted from your motor. This helps to make your car rides far more quiet and comfortable. With that being said, not every muffler is created the same way and it is important that you are aware of what your vehicle needs to make sure that you can have the most peaceful ride possible.

Think About Price

When it comes to mufflers, the more money that you spend doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best product that you can purchase. There are a many different muffler brands that are available. It is equally important to remember that the least expensive mufflers may not give you the best bargain for your buck, so paying attention to the following automobile service tips can help you to spend less and get more.

Think About Purpose

Determine why you need a muffler and what it will be used for. If you’re looking to upgrade the performance of your existing one, we have a full line of choices including FLOWMASTER, MAGNAFLOW, STREET FLOW and DIAMOND EYE Performance. If you are looking to replace the Stock muffler or a Performance muffler, Master Automotive Centers is your shop.

Buying a muffler is a great way to make sure that your car sounds and performs at its best.

Finding the Correct Size of Discount Muffler

Every exhaust has a different size and before you make the final purchase, it is important to make sure that the discount muffler will fit on your exhaust. Measure the diameter of your exhaust system as this will help to make sure that you buy the right one without having to spend extra money on an adapter to make the muffler fit. The easiest way to get an exact measurement is to use a ruler or a short tape measure as the diameter of your exhaust shouldn’t be too large.

Catalytic Converters – Las Vegas

How Catalytic Converters Work

There are hundreds of millions of vehicles on the road every day throughout the world and each one is a prevalent source of pollution. Especially in terms of larger cities and metro areas, the amount of air pollution is significantly higher than what you would find in rural areas.

Considering that there are far more populated cities than rural ones in the world, it is important that governments implement clean air tools and laws to reduce the amount of toxic emissions created by vehicles which is where catalytic converters come into play.

In 1975, changes were made to the way that car engines were developed to ensure that they reduced the amount of toxic emissions in the air. The catalytic converter is used to help convert the harmful pollutants into less harmful emissions even before these pollutants leave the exhaust system. It is quite interesting how a simple catalytic converter has such a large impact on your vehicle.

Catalytic Converters Reduce What Emissions?

As previously mentioned, the job of catalytic converters is to reduce the harmful emissions from vehicles and to transform them into less toxic counterparts. The three main toxins that these devices are created to reduce include:
  •     Carbon Monoxide: A colorless and odorless poisonous gas to humans.
  •     Hydrocarbons and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds): The largest components of smog that are mostly created by unburned fuel.
  •     Nitrogen Oxides (NOx): NO and NO2 together are called NOx and are a significant contributor to acid rain and smog. They also cause irritation to the human mucus membranes.

The Catalysts in Catalytic Converters

When you begin delving further into the purpose of catalytic converters, there are 2 catalysts that work together to reduce emissions: reduction catalyst and the oxidation catalyst. Both of these are comprised of ceramic that is coated with metal. Generally the metal will be palladium, rhodium, or platinum.

The main purpose of using these components together is to create a particular structure that provides the most amount of surface area of the catalyst to the stream of the exhaust. Also, it is important for manufacturers to try to minimize the amount of catalyst that is required as the materials are rather expensive.

In truth, the majority of newer vehicles are equipped with catalytic converters that are coated with gold mixed with other catalysts. The reason is gold is far less expensive and helps to increase the amount of oxidation. The more oxidation that the catalytic converter experiences will result in your vehicle producing far less toxic emissions.

Buying a Custom Exhaust, Discount Muffler or Catalytic Converters is a great way to make sure that your car sounds its best, even if it’s at its worst. To get Custom Exhaust, Discount Muffler or Catalytic Converters in the Las Vegas area, call Master Automotive Centers today.
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