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Smog Test & Repair Las Vegas, NV
Master Automotive Centers

Master Automotive Centers is a G2 smog test and repair station in Las Vegas. The next time your car is due for a state emissions check you can come see us for a fast and efficient emissions test and visual inspection. We will be able to certify that your vehicle has passed emissions and is legally roadworthy. And should your car fail, we can get the issue diagnosed and repaired quickly and affordably so that it does pass. Come see us for fast emissions testing in Las Vegas.

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State Certified Smog Test in Las Vegas

As a state certified smog test center in LV we handle both the emissions testing and the visual inspection necessary to legally license your vehicle. If your vehicle fails the emissions test or the required visual inspection it will be necessary to have it repaired and retested, both of which we can do onsite. Should your vehicle fail a second time and have followed the Nevada DMV Rules, then the vehicle may be eligible for a waiver.

Smog Repair

You don’t need to wait until your vehicle has failed a smog test to have smog repair completed. There are a few signs to pay attention to that could indicate your vehicle will not pass an emissions test. One of the more common symptoms of trouble is an increase in the visible exhaust exiting your car’s tailpipe. If you notice this don’t hesitate to visit us for further diagnostics. 

Other issues related to the exhaust could be a failing catalytic converter or damaged or malfunctioning sensors or other computerized components.If a sensor detects an issue it will generally trigger the check engine light. As soon as this light comes on it is important you visit us for a free check engine light scan.

Performance Exhaust

At Master Automotive Centers we can also assist with performance upgrades for your vehicle’s exhaust system, ensuring they’ll still meet state requirements for smog testing. Whether you’re looking to upgrade a classic or a car that just came off the assembly line, we have the parts, tools and knowledge to get you the sound and performance you crave from your vehicle’s exhaust system.

Master Automotive Centers can handle any exhaust repair to ensure that your vehicle passes its smog test in LV. Whether your vehicle is due for its first test, is in need of a repair before trying the second, or you simply suspect trouble, be sure to give us a call at (702) 623-1498 to request an appointment for smog repair in Las Vegas or the neighboring communities. We understand how dearly you rely on your vehicle, so we will work quickly to get you in and out of our G2 Shop.
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